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About Us – Argyle Locksmith Team London, Ontario.

In addition, we have the capabilities, the know-how and the resources to provide security services at any location, at anytime, anywhere in the United States. We pride ourselves on our rapid growth, which we credit to our quality of service, and our team of expertly trained security personnel and our management teams diverse background in asset protection, loss prevention, law-enforcement, military, customer service and security administration. Argyle Locksmith Team is a full-service security company with the professional experience and resources to provide superior protection and to maximize your infrastructure investment. To every security assignment, we bring decades of successful security management experience and a team of expertly trained security professionals. Argyle Locksmith Team’s management team works with you through every step of the design and implementation of your security program. We are driven by a dedication to quality, a genuine desire to ensure your safety, and a commitment to protecting the value of your assets.